Diagnostic Testing

Western diagnostic lab tests provide a wealth of information regarding a patient’s health status.  This information assists us in making an accurate diagnosis of the problem, and then developing an effective treatment plan. 

We utilize a wide variety of lab diagnostics, staring with the basics, and then moving into the fancier tests – comprehensive blood work, food sensitivities, bugs in the gut, and adrenal status to name a few.

What we want to screen first are the basics:  Does your body have enough oxygen carrying capacity for all of your tissues to breath?  Unstable blood sugars are the leading cause of health issues in the USA, how are your levels?  Is your thyroid working?  How good is your cholesterol?  Do you have enough vitamin D?

We provide a full range of fertility testing - please see our full page on fertility testing here: 

Then depending on the individual, we have access to a wide variety of functional medicine tests.  We work with the labs that give the most accurate results in the country.  Food sensitivities, including gluten and dairy, are a hot topic right now, and testing is a good way to determine if these are issues for you. If you have gut problems, you might have bugs in your gut.  If you are always tired and dragging, you may have adrenal fatigue.

Leslie has been working with these diagnostic labs for two decades. She frequently teaches the subject of functional tests to other health care providers.   Leslie provides outstanding expertise in knowing what to order, when to order it, and how to treat what we find.  Our goal is to get you the information you need to be healthy, in a way that is effective in both cost and time.