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"Leslie Oldershaw is one of the most skilled and well-informed acupuncturists I've ever met and this is saying a lot, since I am myself an acupuncturist. Her success in supporting women as they work through infertility and endocrinology challenges is at the top of the field. She is also kind, wise, an expert of nutritional medicine and always innovative in her approach. I can't recommend her any more highly. If you are looking for a practitioner in this region, you have come upon the best."

--- Lauren

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"I'm easy to please and hard to impress.  Leslie has done both.  I ask a million questions, Leslie answers them ALL!  Over 6 months and probably 30 visits, she has proven to be an expert in both acupuncture and general women's health.  I feel like the time and money I spent w/ Leslie is about the best investment i have ever made.  To top it off, I was always excited to go for my visits.  Leslie is charming, delightful, witty, and brilliant."

--- Tara

I appreciate Leslie’s approach to “optimal health” and her ability to integrate traditional medicine with acupuncture. I find her to be warm and encouraging, and many of my concerns about being able to conceive have been calmed by her candid review of my health. She is great about making sure you understand what she is doing, how your body works, and what impact she expects your program she designs to have. I find her to be a clear communicator, and very good at setting expectations for how her practice works and what you get when you see her.

--- Kathy C.

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"Leslie is warm, welcoming, friendly, comforting, while at the same time being completely professional and a wealth of knowledge.  As a nurse and as a patient, I highly recommend Dr. Leslie Oldershaw, and she does much more than just Women's Health and pain management"

--- Mollie C.

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"Leslie is tremendously experienced--I trust completely that I am in wonderful hands with her. My favorite parts of my appointments are the silence. The peaceful waiting area, the quiet in the treatment room. It's so rare for me to have moments of peace that I cherish every moment that I don't have to focus outside of myself--just ask or answer the occasional question and cocoon in silence. Heaven."

--- I.B.