How we put it all together

So many services, so little time.  How do we put it all together?

This is where our experience really pays off, with our ability to prioritize what you need, and when you need it.

We take the time up front to complete a thorough intake and get to know you, and then develop an individualized treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs.  We walk you through every step of the way,  and as your health changes we take time to re-evaluate, and modify your plan as indicated buyout progress. 

  • Lab work – Diagnostics play a vital role in any treatment plan.  Lab work is a universal language shared by health care providers, and offers great insights into what is happening in the dynamic biological function of your health. 
  • Acupuncture - Almost all of our patients get acupuncture, although how often and for how long varies tremendously from patient to patient.  We will establish an initial course of care, with re-evaluation built into the process.
  • Vitamins, supplements, and herbs - Adding in nutritional support allows us to accomplish more in less time.  Maybe it's just a little magnesium to help with back pain.  Typically we offer recommendations for vitamin support that begin with a foundational "short list" and then expand to include more focused supplements to meet the specific health goals of the patient.
  • Nutrition –   With many patients, we’ll complete a food journal review to determine how you can better support their health on a daily basis
  • LIfestyle - Here in the Bay Area the lifestyle is "busy".  We'll work with you to prioritize which strategies will have the biggest impact on you and your goals.  The good news - a little can go a long way.
  • Stress management is integrated into all of the above.  The body experiences stress from many different sources.  I like to break it down into two categories – the stress we can do something about, and the stress we just need to cope with.  Then we get to work on dealing with those stress factors we can control.  Sometimes it is as simple as correcting iron anemia.

Once we have embarked on a treatment plan, we will evaluate your progress at regular intervals, and revise your plan as needed.

It would be our honor and privilege to partner with you in your journey.