Nutritional Counseling & Support

Every system of medicine recognizes that the quality, quantity, and choices of your food significantly impacts your health.  Traditional Chinese medicine has always considered food the first line of defense for health, and offers a flexible framework that can accommodate many varied approaches to eating.  This is a real advantage in the SF Bay Area where there are many different dietary approaches.

Our primary focus is on whole foods, with organic foods as much as possible, especially meats and dairy.  With our fertility patients we emphasize keeping your blood sugars stable.  Unstable blood sugars are very common in America.  It causes significant hormonal disruption and is one of the leading causes of fertility challenges across the nation. Healthy eating supports you during conception, pregnancy, and family life.

We augment your treatment plan with nutritional supplements to make sure your body is getting everything it needs to function at its best.  Our goal is to be streamlined and effective.  Streamlined by choosing what gives the most support with the fewest pills, and effective for cost, time, and clinical outcomes.  This makes for a sustainable approach that will truly work for you.