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“I can’t say enough great things about Leslie and her staff. I came to Leslie’s office after two painful years of failed infertility treatments including IUI and IVF. Within six months of adding Leslie’s care to my fertility treatments, I was pregnant with twins! Not only does Leslie provide acupuncture, she is also an incredibly valuable source of support and information during difficult times. Her office is a warm and relaxing retreat that soothes and calms you as soon as you walk in the door… I truly believe that Leslie’s care both during my infertility treatments and throughout my pregnancy was a key factor to the successful birth of my beautiful baby boy and girl.”

— Katie, Mom to Tyler & Lillian


“Being treated by Leslie Oldershaw changed our lives forever. Before I met Leslie, my husband and I had been battling infertility for over four years, and had just about given up. Through our treatments with Leslie we successfully conceived and delivered perfect twin babies. Five years later, Leslie helped us once again have another healthy baby. Leslie guided us through the most difficult chapter of our lives. Her smiling face and constant positive influence helped motivate us when we felt like we couldn’t try any longer. I sincerely accredit our three children to her and am forever thankful we met Leslie. Her ability to work with Western and Eastern medicine changed the path of my life. I’m now a mother and have the family that I always wanted.”

— Sandy and Joe


"After multiple failed IUIs and a failed IVF cycle, I found Leslie.  I was expecting to receive just acupuncture treatments, but instead was treated to a comprehensive health plan in a beautiful, tranquil setting that was just what I needed. We focused on my overall health as it related to my being able to become pregnant. Leslie was always a ready source of support and information during this emotional time. Our beautiful baby girl was born 5 months ago. I cannot recommend Leslie highly enough.  She is the rare practitioner who combines compassionate care with impeccable knowledge of both Eastern and Western medicine."

--- Kathy F.


"I was thirty-seven years old when I was told that conceiving a child using my own eggs would be extremely challenging and highly unlikely. I immediately started seeing Leslie, as a friend had recommended her to me.  Two IVF cycles and twenty months later, I became the proud mother of Zachary and Sophia. Leslie is unique amongst practitioners in that she has one foot in the Eastern traditions with the acupuncture and herbal supplements, and the other foot firmly planted in Western medicine with an emphasis on diet and nutrition.  I always looked forward to my treatments, and felt like I was in great hands because of her in-depth knowledge of the roller coaster of using assisted reproductive technology.  She also gave me reassurances, and always found a silver lining to keep me going throughout my journey.  I consider her care an integral part of the process that led to my two beautiful babies."

--- Rebecca, Mom to Zachary and Sophia

"I could not have gotten to where I am now – a new mom! – without Leslie’s help. Her acupuncture and herbs rejuvenated my tired body, depleted by repeated miscarriages, and my spirit, which had taken a battering too. Throughout, Leslie’s enthusiasm and genuine care kept me grounded and hopeful; her staff always had a friendly smile to share. Now, when I look at my precious little girl, Krista Rose, I stand in wonder of the help that Leslie provided to get me to where I am today. Thank you, Leslie, for helping make my dream a reality."

--- Merideth Mehlberg, ACC, Certified Professional Coach, Fertile Perspectives

"Before I began fertility treatments, I was informed that I had a lower than average egg count for a 35-year-old and that conceiving could be difficult.  Seeing Leslie grew out of a desire to do everything in my power that might help me to conceive, including acupuncture, herbal supplements, and a focus on eating for fertility.  From our first meeting, it was clear that Leslie was comfortable with lesbian patients and was knowledgeable about the possibilities that we may encounter (IUI with and without medication, IVF). Leslie’s down-to-earth, warm manner, coupled with her ability to stay positive and to explain the ins and outs of fertility treatments helped me to continue the emotionally taxing journey through 12 IUIs.  I am grateful for Leslie’s can-do attitude and for her unwavering help and support during our journey."

--- Christa, Ella’s mom

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"Leslie Oldershaw was the person I needed to walk through my fertility journey.  I came to her when I was trying for a child and my periods were irregular after coming off the pill at 32.  She helped me get into a holistic frame of reference and mind, while I was trying to shift into way of being that supported motherhood (I can see that now).  She was knowledgable, skilled, and great at interpreting my medical test results, when I started with an OB used to dealing with students and 20 year olds who are not looking to have kids (UC Berkeley).  I started to take an active role in my health and fertility, charting and looking naturally for a year, and then eventually making the big step (and thank goodness Leslie was there to help me to do this) to working with a Reproductive Endocrinologist.  I did a few rounds of low level fertility work.  I changed to a much better RE in the East Bay (see my referrals on yelp), and eventually was successful in having a daughter.  I am now a happy mama of a girl in elementary.   Leslie and her combination of skill and creating a space for really meeting the person where they are as something that helped plant a seed for me.  The regular 'medical' world is very unattuned if you are anything but the expected situation.  Leslie was exactly what I needed.  Her office is also beautiful BTW."

--- Reba G

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"Leslie Oldershaw L.Ac was highly recommended to me by another acupuncturist. I've been seeing Leslie mostly for fertility issues, but she has also helped me with lower back issues. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. She is also very outgoing and ebullient. When I have questions or concerns, she always puts me at ease. To me, Leslie had big shoes to fill--I adored my previous acupuncturist, whose office became inconvenient to me after I moved--and Leslie did not disappoint."

--- Happy Mom