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“Have you ever met someone that is doing exactly what they should be in life? Leslie is that person.  She is an outstanding, caring person and acupuncturist! I'm so glad someone told me about her. Why? I really appreciate that she considers all aspects of my health.  Leslie has provided great advice and recommendations to better my health in all areas (e.g., nutrition, herbs, vitamins, exercise, relaxations, etc.).  She always takes the time to find out what is going on with me and makes sure that I get my questions answered. My overall health has improved since starting to see Leslie and I think that is in large part to her help.  WIth Leslie, you can expect a knowledgeable professional with a positive attitude who really cares about helping you achieve your health goals!

— Beth

I've been a patient of Leslie's for the past few years, coming to her practice for help with allergies and overall wellness.  She's incredibly thorough, kind and knowledgeable about both Eastern and Western medicine.  I had a bad experience with acupuncture many years ago and came in being skeptical that it would work for me this time.  The atmosphere and comfort of the office coupled with Leslie's genuine concern about my health helped me ease into the treatments.  She also helped me map out a plan to increase my overall health, including nutrition, supplements, exercise and acupuncture treatments.  I highly recommend Leslie to anyone looking to improve their health!!"

— Kaye

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"A back injury I suffered at work almost 10 years ago is a daily reminder of my previous job on an ambulance. After recieving treatments for about 4-6 weeks I was leaving her office after a treatment and while walking to my car I realized I had no back pain whatsoever. The feeling of having no pain was so overwhelming I went to my car and just sobbed.  I'm now going on 5 months of seeing Leslie and I feel when I walk into her office I'm seeing a freind and a healthcare provider who really cares about me and my situation.  I can't imagine choosing anyone else!!"

--- Melissa

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"What a difference a year makes! This time last year I was seeing several different doctors & having various different types of tests run to try to figure out why I was having migraines almost daily for a year.  In January Leslie put me on an elimination diet and did some lab work.  We found out I have a gluten sensitivity & sensitivity to a few other foods.  I was so ill last Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years that I wasn't able to enjoy the holidays as much as usual. This year I am able to do so much more with my 6 year old and am looking forward to going out New Year's Eve with my family. I am grateful to Leslie for helping me feel better and improve the quality of my life."

--- Elaina D

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"I recently started coming to see Leslie to supplement treatment I've been receiving to manage an autoimmune disease. I've been so impressed by how thorough Leslie is in her evaluation and am actually excited to start treatment! She develops a personalized approach and she really takes the time to educate what's going on and why she's recommending certain treatments. She's also very warm and personable and has a great sense of humor!"

--- S.G.